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Don’t risk softness for color when you can achieve smooth hair with a hue that you adore! Belta Hair Color Treatment is a serum hair color treatment that produces salon-quality dye without the aftermath of severe damage to the hair or scalp! Make the color of your choice your own by feeling natural!

Contains 65 types of serum ingredients, along with 33 botanical ingredients and 7 beauty oil, with nano-ingredients such as NanRepair - V, NanoRepair - EL, and NanoRepair - CMC.

After using shampoo, wipe the moisture from your hair with a towel and take an appropriate amount on your palm. Apply evenly to the entire hair, leave it for about 5 to 15 minutes, and rinse until the colored water disappears. Wipe off the moisture from your hair with a towel, and dry it thoroughly with a hair dryer.

Beware around the eyes. Should symptoms persist, consult a dermatologist.

Contains 3 types of aging care "nano ingredients”, NanoRepair™-V, NanoRepair-EL, and NanoRepair™-CMC.The 1/1000 nano-sized moisturizing serum ingredients permeate deep into the hair, giving it firmness, elasticity, and luster every time it is dyed.