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Belta Pueraria
Belta Pueraria

Belta Pueraria

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BELTA Pueraria

A supplement made from high quality, 100% pure Pueraria Mirifica that supports female hormonal balance and promotes optimal health


  • Promotes breast growth and increases breast firmness
  • Alleviates menopausal symptoms
  • Improves vaginal health and female libido
  • Helps reverse the signs of aging
  • Promotes beautiful skin

Made of high quality 100% pure Pueraria Mirifica

Belta Pueraria is only made of 100% pure Pueraria Mirifica that has been given a AAA rank by Thailand’s Ministry of Health and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A luxury blend of 5 refreshing components

GABA. L-tryptophan. Rosemary. Lemon Balm. St. John’s Wort

Contains 4 top-of-the-line beauty components

Marine Collagen. Horse Placenta Extract. Hyaluronic Acid. Pomegranate

How To Take

Take 3 capsules daily with lukewarm water. Can be taken on an empty stomach, after meals, or before going to bed. Can be taken at once, or one at a time, preferably with a 3 to 4 hour interval.

All Ingredients

Pueraria supplement, collagen peptide, Punica Granatum Seed Extract, horse placenta extract, rosemary, Melissa, Hypericum perforatum extract , gamma-aminobutyric acid, gelatin, cellulose, trehalose, Calcium stearate, hyaluronic acid, Silicone dioxide (fine), L-tryptophan, coloring(titanium dioxide, gardenia red) / ※additive-free: aroma chemical, sweetener, preservative, color former, whitener, mildew-proofing agent, expansive agent, bitter flavor, brightening agent