Folic Acid Women + Omega 3

Folic Acid Women + Omega 3

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Belta Folic Acid for Women + Omega 3

Belta Folic Acid Women is a supplement for women that’s specially formulated to provide essential nutrients needed before, during, and after pregnancy.

Omega-3s are important components of the membranes that surround each cell in your body. It is essential for your heart and brain function.

Women who are or may become pregnant should maintain adequate levels of folic acid through either diet or supplements to prevent spinal cord birth defects. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to help reduce the risk of heart disease and also to promote healthy skin.Some supplement products have been found to contain possibly harmful impurities/additives.

Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that plays a critical role in every cell in your body. More specifically, your brain, skin, and eyes rely on adequate DHA levels for optimal health.

Your body cannot make DHA in significant amounts, so dietary sources or supplemental DHA is often recommended during pregnancy. The supply of both folic acid and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) has been related to positive pregnancy and infant outcomes.

For Belta Folic Acid Women Benefits:


  • Meets daily recommended folic acid dosage of 400mcg
  • 100% yeast-derived folic acid
  • Contains 27 types of minerals and vitamins
  • Contains 20mg iron and 250mg calcium
  • Contains 5 all-natural beauty components (swallow's nest, hyaluronic acid, collagen, black vinegar moromi, and salmon calcium)
  • Made from 23 kinds of vegetables
  • Small-size tablets that are easy to take



  • Provides nutritional support for healthy female fertility
  • Assists in the healthy production of red blood cells
  • Helps regulate menstrual cycle and treat infertility in women with PCOS
  • Reduces the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida/neural tube defects
  • Supports baby's brain, visual motor skills, and hearing development
  • Supports baby's normal intelligence and IQ development
For Omega 3 Benefits:
  • Brain health
  • Heart health
  • Eye health
  • Slows aging process
  • Boosts energy level
What's in the pouch?...

Belta Folic Acid Women: 1 pouch 120 tablets; to be taken 4x a day, 20 minutes after each meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and take 1 tablet before sleeping.

 Sakura Omega 3: 2 pouches for 150 soft gel capsules for 1 month intake; to be taken 5x a day to achieve 241.8mg DHA and 360 mg EPA.